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Ken in Lawrenceville, GA *****
I had a severe passenger side inner rear tire blowout in our RV on I-85. Was able to safely get off the interstate. This was at 2 pm in 96 degree heat. Our rv roadside assistance called 2 different companies over the nex 8 hours, and for various reasons, they couldn’t get to us. After 8 hours , we had to leave it beside the interstate. Then next morning, BL Burnett had gotten a call from our roadside assistance and called me and met me at the RV promptly at 9am. We suffered tremendous damage to the wheel well area: yards of wiring was wrapped around the axle! BL couldn’t have been nicer. He worked his tail off and got us back on the road in about an hour! I can’t tell you how impressed we were with him! He helped us safely merge back onto the interstate and we were on our way back home. Very thankful for
Adam in Winder, GA *****
Thank you BL for maintaining communication with me when I was in need of roadside assistance. Your company provided professional service when I required a tow on 316 in Winder. Dagum transmission went out in my Bimmer. Thank you for taking exceptional care in loading her on the flatbed.
Chad in Bethlehem, GA *****
His service was very good. He had to travel a bit of distance to pick up my mother’s car. Very professional and I would recommend his services to anyone!
Prisca in Winder, GA *****
We received great service he came and rescued me and my kids off of the side of 316. Great price timely service.
Jacqueline in Winder, GA *****
He was very nice and he was prompt and very professional I would use this towing company again.
David in Winder, GA *****
B.L. quoted a 45min arrival but he showed up faster than that. Super friendly gentleman, professional, and very well prepared with multiple payment options. He even sent a follow up text message confirming that my car was delivered to the auto shop. This is the service that defines the standard of excellence in any industry. Very happy.
Paul in Clarkesville, GA *****
B.L. Burnett made a terrible day so much better! My car broke down on Highway 211 outside Winder. It's 95 degrees in the shade and I'm dreading the experience of calling and then waiting for a tow truck. The second he answered the phone, I knew I'd lucked into a true professional. I described my issue and had only a vague idea of my location (GPS fail!) but he was able to figure it out in seconds. I then settled in for what I expected to be a VERY long wait. Much to my surprise, the tow truck pulled up within 15 minutes! Not only was he fast, he'd already called a repair shop willing to take a look at my car immediately! This could have been a heat stroke nightmare, instead everything was well in hand in less than an hour. Highly recommend!
Richard in Charlotte, NC *****
BL offered impeccable service at a good price in a timely fashion. I would recommend them to anyone.
Bill in Monroe, GA *****
My wife’s car broke down as we were leaving for vacation. We went ahead in my truck and BL took care of the car while we were gone. BL is as honest and trustworthy a guy as you’re ever gonna find. He’s seen it all and is very good at the challenging tows too. He’s just good people and knows what he’s doing.
Sherrie in Monroe, GA *****
I broke down late at night and called BL Towing, they were there within an hour to pick up my car and gave me a ride. Fast, courteous and fair.
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